Sunday, 15 April 2018

Retreat 2018 at Scoutlands

What a wonderful group of ladies FKQ are and what a priviedge to share a few days with them at our Retreat beside the lake near Wanganui.   A Fun filled few days enjoyed by all, along with others who travelled through just for the day or for a few hours.  

Some beautiful work was produced following the mandatory 'auditioning' along with lots of  'story telling' -  loads of laughter - and far too much Food!

Below are some snippets of an awesome few days.

Priorities first  - Coffee!

Mary's breakfast placemat - the challenge and 
benchmark has been set for 2019 Retreat!


 The 'One Hour' bag making ladies.... Yeah Right!

 And the stove was SO Slow - no matter - it produced this
Fantastic    'Sisters together'     photo.  

And then there was the 'Browns'.....

    I think Marion said 36 pieces in this block - whew!

 Emma's Pineapple blocks...

And not an OSH Officer around....  👮

Marina's breakfast placemat.....  (paper serviettte)   😉

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