Sunday, 20 September 2015

Work Day - September 2015

Mary is about to start this project

Rhondda doing some quilting

Rosalie!  Hurry up and make a tea cosy

More squares Trix ?

Mary is pleased to finish cutting out that piece

Good Luck with all those pieces Pam

Rhondda's hands are just a blur she is working so fast

Any news on the Tea Cosy yet Rosalie ?

Ah, Yes, here it is

Marina's yummy postcards

Club Night - September 2015

Another good selection for Block of The Month

Our speaker Chris Haddock accepting 35 children's quilts for StandForChildren Otaki

Mary has finally finished her African Adventure Quilt

Aimee shows us some of the yummy things you can make at Aimee's Homestead Quilts

And here are some yummy things from Angels in Gumboots

Some fantastic work - well done Lynn

Here is what Robin made with the 'Neutrals' blocks she won

Margaret's completed BOM Poppies Quilt - Gorgeous

Marina has gone BONKERS making luggage labels