Monday, 29 July 2013

The Mainly Friday Quilters Exhibition at Feilding Arts Centre - Set Up Day - July 2013

Two charity Snakes & Ladders Quilts

Some running repairs to our quilt stands

There was no shortage of safety pins, pins and pegs

Del gets to work putting on some hanging sleeves

Maybe we have TOO many safety pins

Quilts everywhere

Club Night - July 2013

Liz Halligan (Angels in Gumboots Ashhurst) shows us some quilts, kits and projects available at the shop

Better get those Christmas projects started soon

Colleen's lovely quilt (and this is the back)

The Front

Marion giving us a demonstration of Curved Piecing

Rhondda and Mary show the club what you can do with all those selvedges

Selvedge Bag

Selvedge placemats and coasters

And when you have done that.....

you do this,  EASY!

GO Marion