Saturday, 9 September 2017

September Day/Nighter & Bag Making Classes

What a Fun Day/Nighter this proved to be.  Sadly we were a bit thin on the ground with some away  with winter chill bugs.  However, the day provided lots of friendly banter and laughter - a real tonic to those back on deck after fighting off winter chill bugs.    
Mary (our resident Bag Lady) 😉 lead a group of ladies enjoying the challenges of a bag making class.  This was the first of two days that Mary kindly tutored  and some lovely bags were produced.

Mary's Bag Classes - Thanks heaps Mary.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Club Night July 2017

Some lovely works displayed this evening during Show and Tell...

                                                          Days for Girls raffle quilt

Club Night Guest Speaker July 2017

Tonight we were privileged to have Erilyn McMillan visit and share her Anzac journey with us.  What a passion Erilyn has for this work and her emotional journey has been stitched into art and is displayed in all of these wonderful quilts she has produced.  Sadly these photos below simply cannot do justice to her beautiful work.

These words below are courtesy of Erilyn:
"Just before I made my first Anzac/Military banner of this size (1000mm x 600mm), I was told by international quilt artist, Sandra Meech, that I needed to have a focus for my work.
After making four quilts for the Anzac Challenge at Quilt Symposium Queenstown 2011, I found my muse.
Each quilt is made according to the research for the subject and my skill-set at the time - I try to make them all a little differently - so sometimes I have a gem of an idea for years, but it has to wait until everything comes together (fabric, design, artwork, how to make it and time)!